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January 30, 2019 / by / In jewelry

Episode 11: Human-AI Collaborated Jewelry

In this episode of How to Generate (Almost) Anything, we collaborated with Erin Genia, a multidisciplinary artist and a graduate student at MIT Media Lab to make human-AI collaborated jewelry!

TL;DR? Check out the Youtube video of this project!

Human-AI collaborated jewelry, made by Erin Genia of MIT Media Lab.

So far, we made human-AI collaborated pizzas, dresses, perfumes, graffitis and chocolate truffles, theater plays, and cocktails and many more. What’s next? Human-AI collaborated jewelry!

AI-generated jewelry designs created by BIGGAN.

Human-AI collaborated jewelry was a project we were discussing with the jewelry artist Erin Genia since the last summer, but we haven’t got the opportunity to curate a jewelry dataset to train a GAN yet. But thanks to the authors of BIGGAN, we have access to thousands of AI-generated necklace designs! We used to explore the necklace category (among dozens of other amazing image categories which we encourage our readers to explore), and picked a few designs that we like (see the image above).

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul where we shopped for the materials for human-AI collaborated jewelry.

After picking a few desings that we liked, we went to the ancient market Grand Bazaar (one of the oldest and biggest covered markets in the world) in Istanbul to shop for the materials, and brought the human-AI collaborated jewelry to reality at MIT Media Lab. Below, you can see Erin Genia’s amazing work or watch our video to learn more!

Human-AI collaborated jewelry #1.

Human-AI collaborated jewelry #2.

Other human-AI collaborated jewelry designs made by Erin Genia.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Youtube video below (and subscribe to our channel).

Human-AI collaborated jewelry, made by Erin Genia of MIT Media Lab.

Would you like to create human-AI collaborated jewelry?

Check out the designs above, or explore BIGGAN necklaces and Ganbreeder to find a design that you like, and send us the pics/videos of the final product!